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Introducing the DJI Mavic Series Quadcopter Drones

One of the newest trends in real estate is using drones to take awesome aerial images which provide a unique perspective when it comes to featuring property. Our drone camera technology is capable of capturing still images, video, multiple overhead map images, and even 360 degree panoramas. Our pilots are Transport Canada certified under Section IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations to operate these machines safely and legally.

red mavic.jpg

But then what? What does it take to really make your drone video footage stand out?


Octane Media 3D's difference is in the attention we place on the directing and production of your video. We don't let automated software take over with your beautiful imagery. We produce your video tour with cinematic editing software, accompanied and thoughtfully synchronized to music to draw you into the flyover experience. 

We think you'll agree that it's worth the result!

Click below to see a sample video, shot with a DJI drone and edited by Octane Media 3D.

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