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Drone Licensing and Regulations


Drones, more accurately known as quadcopters, are fast becoming a large part both hobbyist and professional endeavours. With this increase in popularity has come additional legislation regarding the operation of these machines. Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, or RPAS, that weigh 250 grams or more are regulated under the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Transport Canada (the same regulating body that commercial airlines follow).


We operate two different models of drones, both of which have similar stabilized gimbals and amazing high-quality cameras. The DJI Mavic Air weighs in at 410 grams and is registered and flown in accordance with Transport Canada’s rules. It is perfectly legal to fly as long as it is flown clear of any airports or airspace, below 400 feet, and away from large gatherings or events. It features slightly upgraded obstacle avoidance sensors and therefore is our preferred aircraft to fly.

For any properties that are located close to or under any airspace (i.e. Victoria International Airport, Victoria Harbour, nearby heliports or seaplane ports, etc.), we fly our DJI Mavic Mini, weighing in at just 249 grams and therefore does not require any special registration to fly.

We are both licensed RPAS pilots, in addition to being commercial airline pilots. You can be assured that your safety and privacy are always our top priorities when operating our drones.

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