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All About The Equipment We Use


Meet the behind-the-scenes members of the team!

Matterport® Pro2 3D Infrared Camera

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The Matterport® 3D data platform creates a suite of digital assets for you, and automatically performs stitching, color adjustments, white balancing, and more. With each space, you automatically get:

  • 3D digital twins

  • 4K print quality photos

  • Guided video tours

  • OBJ, XYZ, JPG, and PDF files

Google Street View Ready

Go beyond traditional photos. Use Matterport® to create a 3D model of a client’s property (such as a restaurant or retail location) to post on their website and other sites, like Yelp. You can then use the Matterport® tool to post to Google Street View and do the following:

  • Upload the imagery to GSV.

  • Associate the imagery to the correct business in GSV.

  • Geolocate the property accurately on the Google map.

A Powerful Suite of Features:

Mattertags™: Embed annotations and media in your digital twin to highlight key features of your property.

Schematic Floor Plans: Generate schematic floor plans of your property with the push of a button.

Measurements: Measure any aspect of your space, such as walls, windows, furniture, and more.

High Definition Photos: 4K print quality photography automatically generated, or choose your own.

MatterPak™: A bundle of digital assets you can download, edit, and import into 3rd party programs.

Guided Tours: Automatically generate video tours that highlight the attributes of your space.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

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The Panasonic G7 is a direct descendant of the first ever mirrorless camera. Yet, despite this, the last thing it's trying to be is a mirrorless camera.


It's a miniature DSLR and includes all the control points you'd expect. In fact, it includes all the control points you'd expect from a higher-range DSLR, including twin control dials as well as plenty of buttons and switches. However, because it is a mirrorless camera, it is able to make good use of its fully articulated, touch-sensitive screen.

\Panasonic's '4K Photo' mode includes the option to constantly record 1 sec chunks of video that are written to the memory card the moment you hit the shutter button. This means that you still shoot to 'get the moment' but you're much more likely to be successful.


Camera specification highlights

  • 16MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor

  • 4K (UHD) video at up to 100Mbps, 30p/25p + 24p

  • 4K Photo mode with 'Pre-Burst' mode

  • Fully-articulated touch screen

  • Wi-Fi for remote shooting and image transfer

  • Focus-point adjust after taking photo

  • Exposure bracketing

  • Photo format: RAW or JPG

  • Video format: MP4

red mavic.jpg
DJI Mavic Air

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Takeoff Weight: 430 g

Max Ascent Speed: 4 m/s
Max Descent Speed: 3 m/s

Max Speed (near sea level, no wind): 68.4 kph

Max Flight Time (no wind): 21 minutes (at a consistent 25 kph)

Max Hovering Time (no wind): 20 minutes

Max Flight Distance (no wind)10 km

Max Wind Speed Resistance: 29 - 38 kph



Field of View (FOV): Horizontal 50°, Vertical ±19°

Gimbal Mechanical Range: 

Tilt: -100° to 22°
Roll: -30° to 30°
Pan: -12° to 12°S

Stabilization: 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)


Camera Sensor: 1/2.3” CMOS
Effective Pixels: 12 MP

Lens FOV: 85°
35 mm Format Equivalent: 24 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Shooting Range: 0.5 m to ∞

ISO RangeVideo: 100 - 3200 (auto), 100 - 3200 (manual)


Photo Format: JPEG/DNG (RAW)

Video Format: MP4/MOV (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

DJI Mini 2

Click here for manufacturer's details.


Takeoff Weight: < 249 g


Folded: 138×81×58 mm (L×W×H)

Unfolded: 159×203×56 mm (L×W×H)

Unfolded (with propellers): 245×289×56 mm (L×W×H)

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 4000 m

Max Flight Time: 31 mins (measured while flying at 4.7 m/s in windless conditions)

Max Wind Speed Resistance: 8.5-10.5 m/s (Scale 5)

Camera Sensor: 1/2.3” CMOS

Effective Pixels: 12 MP

Lens FOV: 83°

35 mm format equivalent: 24 mm

Aperture: f/2.8

Focus range: 1 m to ∞



100-3200 (Auto)

100-3200 (Manual)


100-3200 (Auto)

100-3200 (Manual)

Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3 bracketed frames at 2/3 EV Bias

Panorama: Sphere, 180°, and Wide

Video Resolution

4K: 3840×2160 @ 24/25/30fps

2.7K: 2720×1530 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps

FHD: 1920×1080 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps

Max Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps

Zoom Range

4K: 2x

2.7K: 3x

FHD: 4x

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