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Health and Safety Considerations

Hand Hygiene

The health and safety of you and your clients is of utmost importance to us. We understand and respect that there is a heightened concern over recent events surrounding COVID-19, and that the way we all do business is continuing to evolve.


You have our assurance that we take the utmost care to respect physical distancing recommendations, wear disposable gloves and masks wherever we are in or near your property, and avoid interaction with any part of your home and property at all times. Photography will not be available for homes where COVID-19 has been present in the last 14 days, or where owners have been out of country or are self-isolating. We also will be suspending our services if we are exhibiting symptoms ourselves, or have come into contact with anyone who has.


REALTORS®: Please contact us with any questions or special requests that your clients may have.

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