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Preparing Your Home for Your Photo and Video Sessions

Your Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour

Your Drone Aerial Videography

Virtual reality and 3D tours are incredibly

immersive. Imagine a prospective buyer

being able to walk through your home or

around your property, not just once, but

as often as they like. Every beautiful detail

is captured and rendered in high resolution,

then woven together into an understanding

and perception of your space like nothing



With the power of True3D™ infrared technology, Matterport® also takes measurements of your space and uses the 3D information to create a schematic floor plan. Measurements are generally accurate to within 1% of reality.


You want your imagery to be as appealing, bright and eye-catching as possible. It is important to know that the Matterport® captures everything, in very detailed resolution.


To help you get ready, we’ve assembled this following list of tips and guidance to help you get the best result out of your 3D tour. Additionally, we will not be interacting with anything in your home, so please be completely ready for your session. Please kindly plan to be away from your property for approximately 1-2 hours.


  • Stage your home to look its absolute photo-ready best! Staging not only helps people visualize the property as their own, but it’s also proven to reduce the amount of time a home spends on the market. Look through the homes pictured in home décor magazines for inspiration, or ask your Realtor® about staging ideas. You want your space to look as airy, bright and photogenic as it can.

  • Clean everything as sparkling shiny as you absolutely can. Perform a deep-cleaning, paying particular attention to cobwebs, carpet stains, streaky windows, or grime that has collected in baseboards, showers, and windowpanes. The camera captures everything!

  • Tastefully arrange your home: furniture, throw pillows, flower arrangements on dining tables and kitchen counters, decorative items, etc. to look appealing and welcoming. Less is more! A cluttered space can make a house look smaller and darker than it really is.

  • Turn on all interior lights and open all blinds to let in the light. Activate electric or gas fireplaces for a warm, comfortable look.

  • We recommend such as refrigerator magnets, to-do lists, personal photos, knick-knacks, etc. be removed. Ensure you do not leave out any sensitive information such as banking or credit card information.

  • Open all interior doors to rooms and large storage spaces. Even if you do not want a space to be shown on the tour, ensure that the camera can “see” the space in order to measure it. Don’t worry, the space to be hidden will be “closed” in the tour.

  • Don’t forget about the outdoors! The tour may include your outdoor living space such as patios or lawns.

  • Ensure that or locked in a secure room that will not be scanned.


Aerial photography has come a long way.

From surveyors riding in cramped airplanes

with huge built-in film cameras, technology

has advanced to include laser, infrared, and

incredibly complex digital lens arrays.


But the biggest advance in recent years has been portability: we now have compact quadcopter drones with 4K lenses and stabilized gimbals that fit in the palm of our hand.


We will show you the unique perspective of your property from the air. Your footage is tastefully set to music and edited by hand with our professional videography software. We do not use automated video stitching programs, as we believe a personalized touch and an eye for videography makes all the difference.


Here are our tips for getting the most out of your spectacular aerial tour.


  • Clean and place any lawn furniture or sitting areas in an appealing fashion. Look some outdoor living or patio magazines for inspiration, or consult with your Realtor®.

  • Ensure your and edged, , and as the season will allow.

  • Think about parts of your property such as , etc. Ensure they are in visibly good repair and clean as much as possible.

  • Tidy away any yard waste, trash or recycling collection areas, outdoor equipment (lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, gardening tools, etc.), or anything else that may be viewed as unsightly from above.

  • For those with , clean any debris out of the water, or put a clean cover over it.

  • Park vehicles off-property as much as possible.

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